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Our moving company is different than the rest 

Because each and every customer receives the best price and also the best service, no matter what. At the end of the move, the satisfaction of each and every customer is what makes YBT better than all the other moving companies.


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Las Vegas local moving services

local Moving to Las Vegas?
going from initial contact all the way to final delivery, YBT is the company to choose.


Right from the beginning, when you contact YBT, you know that you have made a good decision.
YBT has personalized service that responds to each and every quote request or inquiry with rapid turnaround and most importantly with friendly staff who provide accurate quotations, outstanding timing, and wonderful scheduling with all the important options on the table for you.

Whether you need a local Las Vegas move down the road, or a long distance move across the country, you can count on your YBT moving specialist to be your friendly and knowledgeable advocate, helping you with each and every step of the process to reach your goal!

Why Choose Us

Moving Services Full Support
It is a real difference that YBT is behind you for every step.


Even though the main sales office has regular hours, YBT is always your support partner of choice with contact routes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. chicago movers

YBT is not like some movers that only want to receive contact for an initial quotation or a final insurance claim. When YBT picks up and drops off your load, you know that you have a direct route to address any of your last-minute requirements, questions, and concerns making YBT your true partner for your success!

Great Service

YBT specializes with:
Easy, accurate, and friendly scheduling as well as easy after-hours contact options.


Scheduling a move with YBT is much simpler than with other companies.
You can either contact us calling in your request during the day or else after hours, you can also send us an email or leave us your question as a message or by contact form, for rapid response.  Not all movers are as easy to reach as YBT to get the support you need, especially when you most need it!


YBT van lines Best Moving Options for all Scenarios

198-x-142-ybtEach of us has our own journey to take and sometimes that involves moving to a new home. With each move comes different distances, different situations, and different problems. Instead of wasting time searching for the answer for your specific move, we have created a small list of moving options for the most common moving scenarios:

For those of you moving no more than an hour away in Las Vegas, we have come up with the best moving options for you.

» Rent a portable storage unit. If you are only moving short distances, save your money and do the work yourself. Rent a storage unit such a relocube or a moving pod.

» If possible, save even more money by asking friends or family to assist you in moving your items. This moving option is perfect for those moving just down the street or 15 minutes from their original house because you can make a few trips.

Moving long distance (both driving distance and plane required) For those of you who are moving long distance, such as more than one hour away require a completely different set of options and they are listed below.

» If a plane is not required, consider hiring a moving companies to assist you in your move. Moving companies can help you pack, drive the moving vehicle, and even help you unpack for a reasonable price. chicago movers

» Pack fairly lightly. This goes for both driving distance and plane required moves. If you can avoid taking that old coffee table or sofa, then do it. Moving companies charge you by weight of items being moved so the lighter your load, the lower your bill. chicago movers

» If you are moving more than 10 hours driving distance, it’s best to take a plane. When taking a plane, you should consider selling the bulk of your belongings and starting fresh in your new home. This will save you tons of money and give you a fresh start. Pack lightly for the plane as well.

If you are moving over seas, there isn’t much you can really do, but here are the best moving options we think you could benefit from.

» Sell your belongings! Clearly you aren’t going to be taking any furniture with you because that’s just not going to fit on the plane, but you can sell these items to earn some quick cash for your trip.

» Only bring what is absolutely necessary. The more items you bring, such electric bicycles and more, the higher your airline bill will be, so pack light. When sorting through your items, ask yourself if the items you chose benefit your life. If they don’t, get rid of them.