Moving tips for Las Vegans

Local and long distance moving can be quite an experience

Take it from someone who has moved many times as well as having professionally driven trucks, professionally led a crew, and professionally managed a company, from any vantage point professional moving assistance is essential. There are a couple different types of movers; people move for a variety of reasons, anything from wanting to be closer to the home they grew up at, an elderly couple moving into something more manageable, or even a young entrepreneurial family that goes from opportunity to opportunity growing up the corporate ladder. There are even those at the top of the corporate ladder who face unexpected change.  When unexpected winds blow, some people shift according to the winds and others quickly build windmills to take advantage of new opportunity!

Although a major or sudden move can seem overwhelming at first, there are a few moving tips that can help most movers have a pleasant and enjoyable moving experience, a memory that can be treasured for years to come.

The tips listed here should assist any mover with the basics that are so important for overall moving success.  A couple of tips follow, first “Find Out the Basics”, second “Discover the Benefits” and third “Launch the Journey” that should give any mover

First Tip:  Find Out the Options

When a mover finds out that a move is necessary, sometimes it is easy to feel boxed in.  Some movers may even put in a quote request and find out that 50 companies are calling every day, feeling completely boxed in.  A high-pressure sales person may even call and a person may accidentally just go with something and not think about it too carefully.  However, no matter what stage a mover is in with the moving process, it is always possible to step back and check out the options.

For a mover just getting started, there are two basic options, the options of getting assistance with the move or facing the move alone.   Although there are some cases where facing a move alone may be appear beneficial (the apparent cost may initially look less), the reality is that most of the time moving without assistance actually in the ends up costing more!  Let me explain why.  There are two types of moving vehicles out there, vehicles designed to minimize the costs of the move that professional drivers use versus vehicles designed for individual use.  Think of the difference in actual cost of the move like the difference between someone who takes the subway to work versus someone who takes a personal car through city rush-hour traffic, spending gas for nothing and suffering surprise delays and other encounters.  A professional vehicle specially designed for moving efficiency, such as the cube-trucks that professional movers use within the city bounds or the long-haul trucks used to go from state to state — these vehicles and the driving techniques used by professionals actually almost always consume much less gas and even pay for the driver and the crew at the end of the day because of the realized savings!

Second, to coordinate the move itself, there are the options of getting assistance or not.

And even for someone looking to move by oneself, carefully checking out the professional options is usually very worthwhile.  For example, professional movers can often assist a potential client identify all the goods that need to be moved and provide a no-obligation estimate for even free!  Sometimes this can be done even without the need for anyone to come by to visit the home, over the phone.  Someone who needs to move can take pictures from room to room and email these to the moving consultant to get a very accurate pictures about the expected load and its expected cost.

Or other times — especially if items have been in storage for awhile — it is very worthwhile to request a professional to come by to specifically inventory everything that needs to be moved.  This professional visit — often called an in-home estimate or in-storage estimate is often free and it can in many cases protect the potential mover from unexpected price shocks.  Unfortunately some sales people may try to take advantage of a mover who has not explored all of the options, making the move seem  much easier than it actually is.  Sometimes someone who needs to move may accidentally discard a higher-priced but more realistic estimate imagining that the move is smaller than it is.  By carefully checking out the options and going with truly the best option among several good candidates, a person needing to move truly is putting better quality cards in the deck and is better situated to allow various options to compete against each other to earn every treasured dollar.  That sort of mover usually receive a great move at the lowest possible cost!

Second Tip:  Discover the Benefits

A potential mover may have found out about the options on the table.  But after finding out what basic options there are – such as move with professional assistance, a move driving alone, a move with full packing, a move based on the weight of the goods or the move based on the volume of goods — one can feel a little overwhelmed that there is so much to choose from.  Especially if there are many moving consultants calling all claiming to be the best, sometimes it can be a little confusing.  However, this is the best time to discover the benefits of all of the options on the table.

For example, a move with professional assistance can have the benefits of making the actual amount of time needed to move shorter.  For those people working until a fixed date who need to transition into a new job rapidly, getting assistance is worthwhile.  Even if one is considering driving to a new location and packing the basic items inside a comfortable car, professional assistance also has the benefit of not having to drive an unknown vehicle a long distance over questionable terrain.  The professional moving company can assist with packing, loading, unloading, finding insurance, and can even guide the mover in terms of how to deal with specialty items, such as pool tables, safes, and items in the garage.  A move alone may seem less expensive, but in the end that is not usually so.  What happens is that a lot of companies, unfortunately, try to entice someone moving alone into a mind set that it is less expensive by hiding the real costs of the move such as gasoline, insurance, hotel stays, and meals along the way.  It is not to mention that driving a professional long-haul vehicle takes significant time to complete the trip safely, and almost no one wants to pay themselves the below-minimum wage one would actually receive if going alone with unexpected delays!

A move with full packing allows the person being moved to work all the way until the last day of the move without worries that items will not be able to be moved.  All the proper packing is included in the estimated price, preventing surprises.  Often, a mover may be forced to choose between the economy of wrapping something properly or not.  But at the end of the journey, a move with full packing uses the necessary protection so that the foreman wraps each and every item properly with the goal of it arriving at the destination properly, sparing no expense on paper and tape!  It is usually the best option especially for someone at the top of the corporate ladder who faces unexpected change.

A move based on the weight of the goods has the advantage of having everything weighed on a professional scale to see how much it actually is.  The cost per pound for specific items is often fixed (but this needs careful verification and varies from professional to professional) and then one can receive weight certificates from government certified scales, to make sure that one is charged accurately.  The weight based move can be nice for the security of knowing that the final bill should be accurate; however, hardly anyone wants to weight their items before the move.  And that is when it is beneficial to go with a cubic-foot based move, where actual measurements can be taken of each and every item to get an accurate move cost!

Third Tip:  Launch the Journey

Once one has explored the options and come up with the best plan, it is time to launch the journey with no regrets!  Launching the Journey once everything has been carefully identified, the benefits of each option compared, and the final decision made, has the outcome of peace-of-mind for a carefully-considered decision.  Then one can focus on the airplane arrangements with the pets, or actually figuring out what needs to stay and what can go, donating to friends and charity what is not necessary for the new life-experience.  When launching the journey, it is best to focus on what needs to get done at each moment!

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