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219-X-142-YBT-STORAGEWhen choosing a mover, storage options are very important.  There are two kinds of storage, either climate-controlled, guarded and secure storage like YBT has to economically offer. Or else, lower quality storage perhaps even highly-priced that the competition tends to offer.

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YBT Has all the Expertise to Assure Your Success Without Difficulty!

Going with a company that understands storage and understands how it works with moving is important. As you can see here, YBT has the expertise and experience you need to provide you the highest quality storage at rates you can afford.  Unlike a competitor that might cut corners, getting a phone call instead of a written release, for example, resulting in unexpected delay.

YBT Storage Solutions

Storage options can be selected right away when setting up a move.


Often, if there is important change in your move – like a change in timing for starting a new job or start a new lease for instance – the options to be able to securely store your prized possessions in the meanwhile at a wonderful price are important.

Even when getting your initial quotation, you can also ask about storage incentives such as whether 30 days free storage might be possible should you need it, something unique to YBT versus other movers that might surprise you with unknown storage costs or poor quality storage if you should have a surprise with your move.

YBT Climate-Controlled Storage

Some people also choose storage as an option to keep their household or business goods safe from the winter weather or summer sunshine deterioration, anything from paperwork to furniture and even classic vehicles.


Like an extra garage, but climate controlled to avoid exposure to the weather, sealed climate-controlled storage is important.  With YBT climate-controlled storage, your treasured property is individually sealed to protect each and every treasured good from every possible source of deterioration.  Unlike other companies that may not take the level of care necessary to protect paperwork from rats or moisture even, YBT is different.  YBT treats each and every treasure of yours with up-most sensitivity and care so that you know that your prized-stored-goods are available in mint-condition — even for decades — if needed!

Storage Goals and Needs

With YBT, arranging for storage is simple. You can contact a moving and storage expert by phone, FAX, contact form, or email even to arrange for an initial discussion about your storage goals and needs, for free, without any obligation, to explore all of the possibilities.


You may already even have important paperwork or other valued goods in storage that need to be moved to better conditions! Sometimes a competitor’s storage facility is not satisfactory, charging too much or not providing the adequate protection or insurance that you need to keep your treasures in mint condition at a price that you can afford.  In such a case YBT can come to the rescue!  YBT can help you for free identify what needs to be moved into better conditions, and how to best realize your cost-savings or storage quality goals at a price that you can afford!

The YBT moving and storage expert consultant can help you make arrangements to survey your current possessions and to help you identify what needs to be stored and how. 

Something special about getting storage with a moving company like YBT is that your items are often eligible for movers’ insurance which also can cover storage, an important option, especially if your items are in boxes in unknown condition to start out with!  Especially if you are moving long-distance, then your items are simply identified at pickup as needing to go to storage, referencing the storage option in your quotation.  Or if there is a surprise delay in availability of housing at your destination, you can let your foreman know that the items need to go to YBT storage directly before arriving at the destination.  Once the items are in storage, you can send a FAX, letter, or email to authorize their release.  It is important that your release is written, so that if there is an inspection of the moving vehicle than your mover can reference your written authorization releasing the items for transport.  That way if a police officer inspects the load during a local move or if a government inspection occurs during a long distance move, there are no surprise audits delaying your move, and everything goes smoothly. Since your written authorization is provided, the authorities know that everything is being legally transported preventing moving delays.  Also, you have the peace-of-mind knowing with YBT storage that everything is under your complete control and everything receive the up-most security, protection, and care.

YBT is looking forward to being your moving and storage company of choice, because of its expertise and also level of care that YBT storage provides for your prized possessions!  YBT is looking forward to hearing from you about all of your storage concerns and needs, to be your trusted expert guide concerning all of your storage decisions.  Contact us by phone, FAX, or even contact-form after hours and on the weekends so that we can get back immediately with you, within a business day even, to address all of your needs!