Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves are a very important part of YBT’s business and assistance for you

Because long-distance moves are very different than local moves or local storage arrangements even, it is important to choose a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable mover such as YBT.

Long distance moves are moves between states usually and can range anything from a move from Las Vegas to Massachusetts or Vermont to moving from Las Vegas to Texas.  Long distance moves even include very rare, but important moves, such as moves from Las Vegas to Hawaii and Las Vegas to Alaska.
When picking a mover, it is important to work with YBT who is experienced not just with simple long distance moves, but also with the more unique moves that require delicate and expert assistance.


Long Distance moves Types


Long distance moves can be of one of two types, either a move based on weight of the items being moved or else a move that is based on the volume of items being moved.  The moves based on weight have the advantage that you can ask for a copy of the government-certified weight certificate.  How this works is that the moving truck is first weight “empty” without your items, and an initial certificate is issued.  And then your items are loaded.  And a second weight is taken, with the moving truck driving on to a large scale (a CAT scale is what it is usually called) to take a second weight measurement.  The ratio of 7 pounds per cubic foot gives you a good idea of what the weight should be based on national averages.  But especially heavy may require special handling, and here is where YBT makes the difference.  It has the expertise and care to handle each item, be it anything from a bicycle to a pool-table or safe, with the required special packing and loading to assure safe arrival. Also, YBT is fully listed with major moving insurance companies, because of its excellent record in terms of virtually no problems all the way from pickup and storage (if needed) to the final destination.  You finally can expect the lowest rates for your complete peace-of-mind with your move.

The Difference Between Long Distance Moves and Local Moves


One main difference between long distance moves and local moves starts out with initial contact.  Right from when you first phone your YBT expert moving consultant or when you first fill out the initial contact-form late at night, you know that you are in good hands with YBT.  Unlike long distance companies that are not friendly in terms of addressing all your questions — and just want to know where you are moving from and where you are moving to and when — YBT is different.  YBT’s business is that each and every mover is to be satisfied with everything, from the first word on the web-site all the way to the last handshake when everything has been delivered and carefully placed in each room on-time, just as specified.

We welcome your questions, concerns, fears, and background, because first of all we are helping you. We are your friendly expert guide, with rapid response for all of your needs. Be it that cost, quality, or support is the most important thing for your move, YBT is all the way behind you to support your effort!

Long distance moves are also different than local moves because long-distance moves have specialized packing and loading requirements.  A long-distance move can also involve going up and down mountain roads, being in city traffic for quite a while, or even expert driving situations that no mover should have to face alone.

YBT Long Distance professional drivers


Even movers who drive trucks professionally often choose YBT because these movers understand the driving risks and know that YBT uniquely has the expertise to handle each and every situation efficiently, knowledgeably, and most important safely – arriving on time to the destination even under the most adverse weather or driving conditions!  Your YBT professional driver is a company employee, who has been carefully investigated, chosen and trained up-front by YBT, and not someone just randomly picked up from a pool of drivers that may not even be American, as with some other companies.  Your YBT driver is your expert from first encounter all the way down the road!

Unlike the rental option, when you go with a professional and expert YBT mover, you have an expert captain at the help of every moving truck!  Even though it is hard to believe, especially during the winter months, cross-country moving can be very dangerous and it requires an expert at the helm.  From everything from sub-zero temperatures on the day of the move preventing most vehicles from even starting, all the way to black-ice in the path, and up-to sharp turns, the YBT captain in the cab negotiates everything professionally for you, from first pick-up to last drop-off.  Like an air-plane pilot captain, who needs the proper expertise and training to properly negotiate long-distance with a large vehicle, your YBT foreman and crew has all the expertise, knowledge, training, and sensitivity to handle this very important task with up-most care.

Long Distance Moving Qoute


When choosing a long-distance mover, it is important not to go with a broker who simply hires out your move at the lowest possible price and quality, but rather with YBT.  Brokers can often load with one company and unload with a different company, and many movers that use brokers can end up having no idea which state their items are actually held at, while the delivery company extorts more and more. YBT, on the other hand, is the one-stop friendly shop, with the very-same-moving-company from the very start to the very finish, taking care of all your needs just as quoted.  With YBT, you have a binding quotation option to let you know exactly how much your move costs, with and every item listed.  If you need an in-home estimate even to get assistance, YBT is there for you, to make sure that your move has no surprises and is a peaceful, enjoyable experience each day, all the way to final delivery.

Like with an express package shipper, your items are all individually and carefully tracked, each with a unique tracking number and color-code to identify which room each items is coming from and which room each item is going to!  You can always call the YBT office to know exactly where the moving truck is, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  And YBT is also easy to contact after hours and on the weekends with a contact-form or email, so you have the complete peace of mind to know that your pick-up and delivery is perfect, going just like you scheduled every time!