Moving from Las Vegas to Texas (Almost a Whole Different Country)

Some movers find that it is necessary to go from one state to another.

In 2014 for instance, more people were moving out of New Jersey, Illinois, and Las Vegas because of the slow pace of recovery in these areas versus states like Texas and California;  the price of rent itself can get to the point that people can be forced out, with city rental pricing perhaps several times more expensive than the national average, with with wages not necessarily keeping pace with the price of housing.  Also, the weather itself has been very cold in the winter, not to mention the snow and the ice, sometimes making it impossible to drive since the cars just cannot go with such temperatures.  The basic cost of living is higher on the costs than in the mid-west generally, meaning that the availability for suitable conditions is sometimes found elsewhere.  All these factors have many of the some 20 million residents of Las Vegas seeing a brighter future in states like Texas, Oregon, and California.

How about Texas

A new job, or a parent who needs assist, better weather or the more reasonable cost of a home are often motivating movers to go to a state like Texas.  Texas itself was an independent country before it joined the Union, and it always has pride in being almost like a whole different country.  For those expecting thick jackets just for the rain, Texas, for instance, offers very different climate as well as attitude even towards its residents and new arrivals.

When deciding on moving to Texas for new employment, one important question to get an answer for is if the perspective new employer is paying for the moving costs, and how.  There was a time when it was almost standard for employers to offer a lump-sum option for high-demand positions especially.  Now, that option is less often available.  Even so, some employers — as part of the incentive of singing on — even offer reimbursement of moving expenses, say after two to three months of success in the new position.

Given that coordinating with a new employer can save significant money, employers also recognize that it may be to their advantage to choose a broker for instance which moves the new employee at the absolute minimum cost without any consideration whatsoever for the damage of goods going from one location to the other, the showing up on time of the mover, or even insurance considerations.  Often, a new employee is better positioned to come to the offer table with a firm quote based on an accurate inventory of everything that needs to be moved.  So timing the move is usually best started when seeking a new job, and not after receiving the offer letter!

How movers can help?

Fortunately there are movers that are able assist a potential new employee in Texas, for instance, with everything from a complete set of scenarios (taking everything, the employee packs, the mover packs, some items are put temporarily in storage) to even an in-home inspection if warranted.  That way, when the employer has to offer moving assistance, the preferred option can be transmitted in the context of letting the new employer know about the potential actual costs involved to settle everything properly up-front!

In such a scenario, the employer often takes special consideration to either use the mover’s preferred option or else to provide not just the cheapest move, but rather the best move with a mover who is reliable, experienced, and has a very good reputation;  the employee has done the necessary homework, and it makes a huge difference in the outcome!

After the option has been settled on, it is also important to find a mover who is flexible with updates.  For example, many new employees find that not every tie or dress is essential in the closet – so to speak.  And some items can be given to nearby family, friends, or even charity for instance, as an incentive to even lower the moving costs closer to the day of pickup.  Also, some movers have more than one car or may be going by airplane.  In such a case, if the mover has a affiliate relationship with a reliable car transport company, it is often possible to get a better overall deal without the worries of driving on black-ice and the like, especially in the winter time.  Even during summer, when moves are very popular, making last-minute changes is often possible with a flexible mover providing updated estimates to accurately address almost any possible new scenario.

On moving day

Finally the big day of the move comes.  Usually a reliable moving company calls the new employee to explain exactly what truck will be coming and when and to verify arrangements such as reservation of the freight elevator or reservation of parking in front of the building and the like.  Everything is then picked up reliably (within a time block of usually two to three hours,  depending on the size of the move) and then loaded for the long-haul on a very feul-efficient vehicle, saving the new employee both time in packing as well as money having to deal with unexpected expenses such as the cost of a hotel, gas, food, or even unexpected hick-ups on the road, anything from a traffic ticket to an unexpected bump that does who-knows-what to the contents.  The professional moving company is prepared for all of these scenarios, and gets to the destination without hitch, with special air-shocks on the truck to prevent any unexpected motion, within the expected time.

The last step is the best, as everything is off-loaded from the moving truck to the new destination.  There is where the smiles are coming, as the new employee has the peace-of-mind knowing that he can start new work with complete success, with everything taken care of!  It is even better than the new employee would ever expect!

Then  the new employee generally experiences a much better standard of living and may be able to even get started with new life experiences, such as purchasing a full home even and having family close by to support every success!